Retained Executive Search Services

Why Executive Network searches work

By Peter Baillie
The Executive Network, Inc.

Half of the movement towards a great hire occurs when an organization clearly understands why the job exists and what qualities candidates need to excel in the role. The other half occurs when we search for and find candidates who not only have those qualities and skills, but who also takes the next step on their career path.

So how do we do this?

We start with a job benchmark, which is like getting the job to talk about itself. Skills, experience and track record are usually as far as recruiters go in determining fit.  A job benchmark reveals how best to go about the work at hand and reveals the type of motivation it rewards. The job benchmark also measures 23 competencies candidates must possess in ranked order to constitute a good fit.

We then conduct extensive proactive search activity along with general postings. Candidates of interest take a TriMetrix questionnaire and the results of their reports are compared to the job benchmark using what is known as a gap report.

We recently used this process for the Manager of Operations and Fleet for the City of Victoria with good results.  In fact, two candidates from our search activity were hired – one for the actual position and another for a related managerial position within Public Works.

To learn about how a retained executive search can work for your organization, visit

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