Why did you leave your last job?

by Walter Donald
The Executive Network, Inc. 

What if the honest answer is, “Because I got fired.”

For the past 30 years The Executive Network has been helping men and women who were fired to find new employment. Guess what? They did find excellent new employment opportunities. Most never even looked back. Why?

The number one reason they got new and very good jobs is because an employer needed their skills, experience, training and talents. Also because of their honesty, their interests and because of their positive attitude. Getting fired is not the end of the world. It most likely isn’t even a serious problem. It might even be one of the best things that ever happened to you.

So let’s deal with honesty first. You and I are usually pretty good at telling when someone is fudging the truth, right? “I left by mutual agreement.” just doesn’t cut it, does it? Or how about, “It was time for me to leave.” Oh really. Why?

How about the truth? “It wasn’t my decision.”

What a future employer really wants to know is, did you steal, lie, cheat, threaten someone, or were so drunk that you nearly killed someone? Even if you deserved to be fired, a future employer will probably respect you for your honesty and will likely want to know what you have done about it. We have worked with people who deserved to be fired. They were fired for cause. AND they did find new employment, often even a better job. And that’s the truth.

An experienced Career Coach can help you to deal with almost any difficult reality in your work history. There really aren’t crocodiles living under your bed.

Question: “Why did you leave your last job?’ Answer: “It wasn’t my decision.” Get an experienced Career Coach to help you deal with and to be comfortable with telling the truth no matter how uncomfortable the truth is.

You don’t want to work with an employer who won’t hire you because you were fired and were honest about it. They can’t accept the truth? Move on!

For more information about career and executive coaching, visit www.executivenetwork.ca.


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