Are you “Looking”? Who’s looking at you?

By Walter Donald
The Executive Network, Inc.

Every week members of our Executive Coaching Team get emails and phone calls from people who are already employed, but thinking about making a career change.

What they are seeking is some professional, objective and confidential advice and guidance. Our Executive Coaches hear statements like these: “I used to really enjoy my job but now I don’t.” AND ” I think I need a new challenge. I know I am good at doing what I do; but I also think that I am ready to move on.”

Often they have asked friends and family members what they think. As well-intentioned as the advice they receive might be, it most often isn’t all that helpful. Why? Because it often isn’t “objective”. AND because a friend or family member may not know the right questions to ask or how to best “guide” without “directing.”

A professional Executive Coach is trained and experienced in asking the right questions and helping to guide you to asking yourself the right questions.

The word “Education” has its roots in Latin and is perhaps best transliterated as “leading someone or guiding someone …” A great Executive Coach doesn’t give you the answers. She or he guides you to see the light you’re looking for and need to see. That light might be red, yellow or it just might be green.

I get phone calls and emails from people saying, “Thank you. My Coach really helped me.” A Coach whom I know well, got this written feedback. “Thank you for helping me to believe in me.”

Are you “looking”? Who’s looking at you? Do you need a great Coach?

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