Families Matter

by Walter Donald
The Executive Network, Inc.

Here’s a true story that every employer should read and remember.

A large organization hired their choice candidate to be their newest Vice President.

Within two weeks of the start date the new VP informed the president of the organization that they were quitting. Why? A fundamental and fatal step in the recruiting process had been innocently and unfortunately overlooked.

The new VP and family had moved half way across the country. Prior to the move the VP’s family had never visited the new location that could be their new home town. Even the candidate, in perfectly good faith, assured the employer that the family was excited about the move. It didn’t take long for the family to realize that their “new home” never would be “home” to them.

Oops! A very costly mistake had been made.

Always remember that families matter. It is far less expensive to fly a family across a country or even have them travel less than a hundred miles to check things out before a hiring decision is made and an offer accepted than it is to assume that everything will be fine. Even if you are confident that a spouse and family are ”completely on side” with the move.

In our executive searches we know that such things as housing, schools, recreation facilities, figure skating lessons, churches, sporting events, music lessons, weather, fitness centres, volunteer activities, seniors services, medical services, public transit, spousal re-employment; all those “little” issues aren’t really “little”. They could be huge and very costly.

Families matter.

For more information about The Executive Network’s comprehensive executive search services, visit www.executivenetwork.ca.

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